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About Melinda

Melinda is an intense, results-oriented person, whose drive and sense of urgency are tempered and disciplined by her strong concern for the accuracy and quality of the details of any work for which she is responsible. Her approach to any work she does will be based on thorough analysis and detailed knowledge of all pertinent facts. She has confidence in her technical/professional knowledge and ability to get things done correctly. She has developed a high level of expertise in project management and is a skilled Drupal developer. She takes her work and responsibilities very seriously.

"I love what I do and it shows in my work. It has always been a wonderful experience to work with so many great people from so many excellent companies in all different types of industries. I am the person that has the privilege of taking my client's project from concept to creation. What we create at SandYard Digital Group is nothing short of magic. We take ideas from words on paper to a beautiful end product that you can touch and interact with. Our websites have a heartbeat of their own.  I believe with thorough research, planning, execution and of course, Drupal, anything and everything is possible. The only limitation is our imaginations so let's do this!"