Tower, Git, Lando, Platform SH starting over from scratch after you get lost in your changes

I need to start over from scratch and pull down the original code from the repository because I was just lost in my changes.

In my local directory, I erased the repository.

In tower I went and pulled my repository branch down again.

Right clicked and "Open in terminal"

then commands:

1. lando start

2. Lando pull

a. added database with spacebar and then enter

b. pulled down "default" folder with spacebar and enter

3. lando rebuild


Nice clean site so I can start messing it up again. :)


*** Note I am very new to Lando and Platform SH.  I am sure there is a more logical way to go back to the beginning of where I started changing the code but I was in a hurry and it's a holiday, so all my smarter co-devels are off.