ColorBox, Paragraphs, Media Types and fun stuff.

Recreating the process that's on our site.

 Create Media type for the Colorbox image.
 a. Add media type
b. I named mine Lightbox image
c. Media Source
d. Media source configuration = -Create - 
e. Field mapping- I only used "Name" as "Name"
f. Publish options = "Published" is ticked
g. Click the sprocket and change the image size to what suits you
h. sAve

Go into the newly create Media type, mine is named "Lightbox Image"
 a. Click on the "Manage display" tab
b. Image change the format from "Image" to "Colorbox"
c. Save

Create the paragraph

a. Add new Paragraph
b. Label = I called mine "Add Lightbox"
c. I am re-using an existing field "Entity reference: field_Image"
d. Now scroll down to Reference type and select "LightBox Image" (The new media type you created) 
e. Click on Manage form display tab
f. Change the Image widget to "Media Library"
h. Click on Manage display tab
i. Change the label to -Hidden-
j.  Change format to Render entity
k. Save
l. Then go to Structure > Content types> Your Content type
m. Manage form display
n. Add a field in not there already "Paragraph Content"