Drupal Quiz Module- Export Points instead of text answers for multiple choice questions.

This view will allow you to export the "Point_awarded" field.

View needs to look exactly like below based off the "results" view in Quiz Module under Quiz tab> Results button click the sprocket.


Below is the "View" view (haha)  


To export the data- click the results button.

Then go all the way to the bottom and click "CSV" button.

The export comes out a little funky so here is a way to fix the data in excel to help you aggregate the data.

In your exported CSV add another Sheet.



Copy the entire fisrt row on the quiz export and paste it into Sheet 1.

Then select and copy all the users answers and paste then transposed in sheet 1

Whay it looks like transposed so you can add your data magic to the columns. :)



***** I should note that the second column "points_awarded" text should not be there. It should look like the below.