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External Link to PowerApps Screen - URL for email bodies.


OK so Microsoft launched the "StartScreen" in PowerAPPs. The below instructions do not work anymore.

Click here for updated instructions.



There's some documentation on this that has the wrong syntax using a "?" but the correct operator is "&".  At least in my system....

The correct syntax for the url is:

Find this part of the URL in your Apps details >


Then add the parameter to the end on the url " &ScreenName=1 "

Add the following to your App's OnStart variable

" If(Param("ScreenName") = "1",Navigate(YourScreenName),Navigate(HomeScreen)) "

If the parameter "Screen=1" doesn't exist in the URL then the app will direct the user to the "HomeScreen" :)

In my case, when the app creates a new record, the platform send an email to the IT department letting the know a New Employee has started and need Network Permissions.  The email notification sent has a link to a screen where IT can see all the New Hires that need account set - up. :)