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PowerAutomate Parse Attachment array for flows

To parse arrays in PowerAutomate you need to get the Json code snippets.

In this example I am getting the Attachment aray of a MS Form for one of my flows.

Use the flow to which you are going to get the array from:

1. Test the flow.

2. After the run get the "Get Response details" outputs.

3. Click on "Get response details" to expand container

4. Select All (Ctrl + A) in the field where your array is.

[{"name":"Rf6dd0609657ac535a0cacecb7b38920e_HHSD Form.jpg","link":"","id":"01MRELR5ISKE5G3UT5DVGJLDSR43BV4J2G","type":null,"size":100392,"referenceId":"01MRELR5OSR7HTTHUAAVAZ2M7NGLE2CMQI","driveId":"b!35H4PDYTKU-Bgf-aBaZk8QGiOAA5_3JDgU0QJQBjitMtodSaRrlxTLrJHlak61jv","status":1,"uploadSessionUrl":null}]

Is my Json Array for my flow.  Click here to see how to add it to your flow