Power Automate Power Apps - include an Email link in PowerAutomate email body to an item in a power apps.

****Update- Due to changes in Power Apps, you must make sure that you have the "Enable Navigation function in App.OnStart" ticked in your App's Settings. Located in Settiings> Upcoming features> Retired


I use this Flow to send an email to the supervisors any time a record was updated using our Power App.  I did not want to use "Link to Item" because I used power apps to layout the Item forms.  If I sent the Supervisors to the Sharepoint item, it looks a lot different and causes confusion with my not so tech savvy supervisors.

Below are instructions on how to create a link directly to the item in the Power Apps.


Changes in your power app for the redirect.

1. Change "OnStart" in your App Settings

2. Enter formula: Set(ItemID, Param("ID"));
   Navigate(EditScreen, ScreenTransition.None)


3.  On your Edit FORM (within the Edit Screen) in the "Item" property, enter the following formula:

   LookUp('COVID19ReportingForm-yr21-22', ID = Value(ItemID)),Gallery1.Selected)


Your App is ready

Now the flow

The Flow:

1. When an item is modified (Fill in your site and the list name)

2. Send email

a. Fill body of email (To add the Link HTML you must switch to source editing and then add the code)


The link syntax is : https://web.powerapps.com/apps/{appId}?{query}

In Power Automate you will use dynamic content for the "ID"

In my case My AppID is 06efd2a0-0bfc-40b7-a2f8-eb9dafc40080

and My Query is the "Item ID" ?ID=

*****Note I used another dynamic content for the label of my hyperlink. Just something I did. you could put "Click Here" if you like.

And Save!