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Send a daily email with all SharePoint Items that were created today- Power Automate


This flow will send a daily email that contains all the SharePoint Items that were created that day.

My Flow is set up to fire off at 6:15AM and 4:15PM. (You can set up times in the "Advance options")

1. Step one set up the trigger as a Recurrence.

2.  Create your Variables, Initialize
You need to create variables so your email body will be able to list each List item separately. If it is not completed this way, the system will send an email for each item separately.
Create string variables :)


3. Get Items!  ****Notice "ITEMS" is plural :)
This is the important step for filter the items that were created that day.

The formula for filtering items today
My column is "CCSubmittedDate"  So my formula asks if CCSubmittedDate is greater or equal than the startofDay today then carry on with flow. :)

Filter Query Formula
ColumnName ge 'Expression'    

Expression syntax 



4.   Append your String Variables (Remember the "<br>" at the end of your append to break items into new lines.)


5.  Send an email


You can style the email to look better, maybe put the variables in a table or something. :)