When a user misses an appointment date, send email notification - Power Automate - SharePoint List

What I used it for.

My platform automatically schedules an appointment for users.  If the users do not check in by a certain time on the day of their appt. the system sends them an email letting them know they missed their appointment.

Here's the flow:
This is the entire flow.  Scroll down to get the steps.

1. Have the flow run every day at a certain time.

2. get the current time

3.Convert the current time to your time zone. (Otherwise it is in UTC)

4. Initialize the Convert Date and make string variable

5. Format the variable with expression and make time formats match.  (My formats for my date fields were "MM-dd-yyyy")

Formula for expression: formatDateTime(variables('todaysdate'),'MM-dd-yyyy')

6. Get and filter your items

Filter formula: (testScheduled_x002d_1 eq ' ') and (Test1_x002d_CompletedDate eq null)

(I have two filters on my get items, the first , get all my items where the test schedule date equals today's date. And then it filters out the items that the check in date is null, .)

7. Send email.
Since we are using get items, the send email will automatically an "Apply to each" action when you add dynamic content.


Doesn't look that complicated but it took me a lot of brain hours to get here.  I hope it saves you future Brain Hours!