When an event is cancelled in PowerApps/ Dataverse, delete the event from SharePoint Calendar list with Power Automate

Here's is my flow

When a user modifies their trip record and the "Would you like to cancel" field/choice column is equal to "Yes" (really field value: 115650000) then delete that record from SharePoint Calendar and the dataverse. This flow also send a email notification to the user and the person in charge of trip reservations.


1. Trigger: When a row is modified

2. Get the row ID

3. Get the Created By User Data for the later step of emailing notifications

4. Totally optional but I put in a compose step so I can see the value of the choice column for my condition.


5. The condition: CancelRequest is equal to 115650000 (Which is the label "Yes" for my choice column)

6. If it is "True".... Then I want my flow to "Get items" from the SharPoint Calendar List (Sometimes called events list) but only is the ModicationsID column (field) from SharePoint Calendar list equals the TripID column (field) from Dataverse.  These were custom columns I added so I could do things like this between dataverse and sharepoint.


7.  Then I want my flow to send an email to the user and the Bus garage to confirm the cancellation.

8. Delete the SharePoint Calendar List Item 

9. Delete the row from Dataverse (Row ID is from the Trigger step: When row is modifed)