Two Parameters for StartScreen Navigation to screens with URLs (No Ors) for custom Links to Power App Screens

Add two params to StartScreen If statement, Or Statement. (Sort of)

If(Param("ScreenName") = "Admin", AdminBuildingTripPending, Param("ScreenName") = "BM", DisclosureScreen, WelcomeScreen)


If (Param("ScreenName") = "Condition 1", ThenGotoResultScreen, Param("ScreenName") = "Condition2", ThenGoToResultScreen2, IFParamEqualsNeitherThenGotoToThisScreen)



**** BY the way, the reason I needed this is because I send users notifications through Power Automate and this allows me add a link to the body of the email notification to send Admins directly to their Department dashboards for pending tasks. :)