Time and date issues SharePoint, Sharepoint calendar, Power Apps, and beyond

Issues and solutions for Date and Time fields for Power Apps and Power Automate

1. Time zone issues-

If you find that you have converted your time zones in your flow and they are still not dislaying correct in SharePoint. Make sure the time zone in your SharePoint site is correct. It could be default to the wrong time zone no matter where you live and set it up.
Check your site's time zone at: Site information>View all site settings>Regional settings


2. If your regional settings are correct then on your calendar you are good to go. (You DO NOT need to do the conversion in your flow, calendar will do it smileyautomatically for you )

3. Pre-populate another Date field without having the field visible. My peeps wanted only the "Time" displayed on the app for users to change after they put in the initial trip date in the first screen.
  We have four dates and times. Pick up time which is on the first screen, Destination Arrival Time, Pick Up from the Destination time and Arrival Back at the home building time.
The first field "Pick Up Date and Time" sets the dates for the other time fields. 

This is the first screen where I grab the "date" from:

Then I added "DateAdd(DateValue9.SelectedDate,0,Days)" to the next Date/Time DataCard in the DefaultDate Property.

Then I hide the "Date"


And Wallah...


Taking a time from SharePoint into Power Automate and populating an email.

Add Time cersersation to email:

Before conversion:

   After conversion: