How to bulk Unshare or Share your entire OneDrive at one time - not just one folder or file at a time.

How to Share or Un-Share your entire OneDrive using Office 365
(not one at a file or folder at a time)


1. Log into your OneDrive via Office365.

2. In your OneDrive click the sprocket in the top right of the page.


3. From the menu click "Site settings"


4. In the "Site Administration" section, click "Site libraries and lists".
5. Click on "Customize "Documents" "


6. In the Permissions and Management section, click Permissions for this library.


7. Click Grant Permissions on the top left.
8. In the box that appears, enter the name or email address of the user you would like to share with and click Share.
**You may also send user an email and customize their permissions by clicking  SHOW OPTIONS. (Default permissions are Contribute which defines as Enables users to manage personal views, edit items and user information, delete versions in existing lists and document libraries, and add, remove, and update personal Web Parts.


:) User will now be listed.
To remove permissions from all your files on OneDrive with a particular user or group, follow these steps.
1.  Follow 1 - 7 above when you get to permission page, check the box next to the user's name you would like to remove or change their permissions. Then click Remove User Permission to remove all permissions or Edit User Permissions to change the level of access. 


2. Click OK in the box that pops up for removal and the permissions are removed.


**** I know this is not Drupal but it seemed a lot of people were having issues with this and I thought I'd help out our tribe.