Down and dirty work around for Drupal 7 Node Export for access denied message- Drupal Girl

I'm on a liquid web server that has great security... But right now I don't have time to deal with all the apache mod stuff... I will do it later but for now.  I needed my Drupal 7 webforms exported and imported to a different site.  Both sites are on the same VPS :(

The only option to export the webform from the one site was to copy and paste the code... (download gave me the same permissions message)    But!  The other site wouldn't import the pasted code because it viewed it as a code injection... so the LiquidWeb VPS shut the import down and was mean to me... 

Ah now the work around... :)

I have another VPS with GoDaddy sooooooooo I copied the code from the site on liquid web's vps and paste the code into my site was on the Godaddy VPS and imported... no issues!  Now how to get it to the other site... well the GoDaddy VPS allowed me to take the webform node and export/download it as a file.  I saved that file to my desktop and then went to the site on the LiquidWeb VPS clicked on Add content> Node Export: Import > Upload file> browsed to the file I downloaded and click import. <3 Worked like a charm! Even all the conditionals were there!  Where there's a will... There's a dirty work around.   I promise to fix the mod issue soon Liquid web! XOXO

I used Node Export Module and UUID module.


*************** I should also mention that the copy and pasting only does not work after a certain character number in the code... If it is too big that when LW blocks it