Navigate to different screens based on data card selected value.- Power Apps

In the forms "OnSuccess" Property.


If(DataCardValue62_6.Selected.Value = "Approved", Navigate('Success-Approved-HS',ScreenTransition.Fade), If(DataCardValue62_6.Selected.Value = "Denied", Navigate('Success-Denied-HS'),ScreenTransition.Fade),true,false)=true

Steps to make sure you can use AM and PM in Datacards PowerApps

1. Insert Drop Down to Date Data Card, within the card. 

Convert Time Zone for HTML Table Power Automate

When you need to convert the time a certain time zone. :)

HTML Tables and Date and Times- Power Automate

So in HTML tables it doesn't seem like you can use convert time zone step to format the date the way you would like it so I did this and it works like a charm.

In dynamic content click the expression tab and enter this

formatDateTime(item()?['YourField/Column'],'dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm tt')


formatDateTime(item()?['BackToHHSDTime'],'dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm tt')

7 Day forecast - Power Apps galleries

This particular screen gives the AD assistants a quick glance at all the trips they have in the next 7 days. (8 if you include today. :)

Sort(Filter('YourSharePointList', ColumnYouWantToFilterBy.Value = "High School"And DATECOLUMN >= Today() And tripdate < DateAdd(Today(), 8, Days) ),DATECOLUMN,Ascending )

Sort(Filter('22-23-AthleticTrips', pickupbuilding.Value = "High School"And tripdate >= Today() And tripdate < DateAdd(Today(), 8, Days) ),tripdate,Ascending )


Filter by value of column then sort by date- PowerApps Galleries


Sort(Filter('SharePointList', YourColumn.Value = "Text Value"),DateColumn,Ascending)


Sort(Filter('22-23-AthleticTrips', pickupbuilding.Value = "High School"),tripdate,Ascending)



Carry a date over from one Data card to another

Trying to keep the same date on all the fields without the user accidentally putting in the wrong date.

First Date to carry one: (Copy into other date fields)

This datacard is "DateValue1_3"


Default column choice value for dropdowns in a datacard Power Apps

Great for dashboards when the user shouldn't change the option but it still needs to be written to Dataverse or Sharepoint.

I put the card in DisplayMode.View so they cannot change it but it will be written,


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