Part 3! Add your custom connector to PowerAutomate to auto post to Drupal 9! from a SharePoint item list

My flow is :

When an item is created or modified and the publish field value equals "Publish" then get the item and send field values to Drupal and create a job posting for the public to view.


Pick your trigger; and click "Create"

Part Two: Post on Drupal 9 from PowerPlatform build a custom connector in PowerApps, SharePoint, PowerAutomate, Dataverse

Part Two!

We are going to use what we learned from PostMan to create our own PowerPlatform Connector to easily post to a Drupal 9 website.

1. Export your PostMan Collection.

Part One: Post to Drupal 9 from Dataverse Data using PowerAutomate and PostMan - Building the API

First we need to build the API so PowerAutomate can talk to Drupal.

I am developing this for a School Distrct HR Power Platform.  This piece is for the Job Board where HR can get a staffing request from a supervisor.  From there they can create a job posting from with in the Power Platform. That posting will go public on a Drupal 9 site.

I choose to use Drupal instead of Power Portal cause it's cheaper. laugh


No results message for Power Apps Gallery

Add a label with below:

Add your text into the Text property:

Filter Power Apps Gallery by Created By and current user. (Display content that the logged in user authored or created)

In PowerApps in your Gallery's Item area use the following formula

Filter(Data source,'Created By'.Email=User().Email)


Filter('Data source','Created By'.DisplayName= User().FullName)

When a user misses an appointment date, send email notification - Power Automate - SharePoint List

What I used it for.

My platform automatically schedules an appointment for users.  If the users do not check in by a certain time on the day of their appt. the system sends them an email letting them know they missed their appointment.

Here's the flow:
This is the entire flow.  Scroll down to get the steps.

Skipping weekend for SharePoint Calculated Columns- Due date type stuff

I need to allow the staff to enter a date and base on that date, administer tests based on that date.There will also be a flow that notifies another user that they are scheduled to take a test.

I created Calculated columns so it would automatically generate the dates as soon as the staff members enter a start date.
We do not test over the weekend so I needed to take out saturdays and sundays.

Test are two days apart during a normal work week. So I need every one who starts or completed a test on Thursday or Friday to complete their next test on the following Monday.

Send a daily email with all SharePoint Items that were created today- Power Automate


This flow will send a daily email that contains all the SharePoint Items that were created that day.

My Flow is set up to fire off at 6:15AM and 4:15PM. (You can set up times in the "Advance options")

1. Step one set up the trigger as a Recurrence.

Change text color based on field value- Power Apps Galleries

Here is the formula:

If(ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Issue", Orange, ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Risk", Red, ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Dependency", Blue, Black)

Adding drop down filter control for Power Apps based on Choice column:

1. Add the formula in your apps "OnStart"



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