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Carry a date over from one Data card to another

Trying to keep the same date on all the fields without the user accidentally putting in the wrong date.

First Date to carry one: (Copy into other date fields)

This datacard is "DateValue1_3"


Default column choice value for dropdowns in a datacard Power Apps

Great for dashboards when the user shouldn't change the option but it still needs to be written to Dataverse or Sharepoint.

I put the card in DisplayMode.View so they cannot change it but it will be written,

Label shows Column value based on if another column is Null.

I have two save and submit options for my app.

I needed user to view if they "Updated and Submitted", "Saved only" or "Submitted"

Time and date issues SharePoint, Sharepoint calendar, Power Apps, and beyond

Issues and solutions for Date and Time fields for Power Apps and Power Automate

1. Time zone issues-

If you find that you have converted your time zones in your flow and they are still not dislaying correct in SharePoint. Make sure the time zone in your SharePoint site is correct. It could be default to the wrong time zone no matter where you live and set it up.
Check your site's time zone at: Site information>View all site settings>Regional settings

Two Parameters for StartScreen Navigation to screens with URLs (No Ors) for custom Links to Power App Screens

Add two params to StartScreen If statement, Or Statement. (Sort of)

If(Param("ScreenName") = "Admin", AdminBuildingTripPending, Param("ScreenName") = "BM", DisclosureScreen, WelcomeScreen)


StartScreen messing around with PowerApps Deep Linking to screens

So yes, Microsoft decided to change things up on us to keep us on our toes.

To add links that will direct users to specifics screens, here is the new way to do it.



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